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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Track your LIC policies through website

LIC of India offers easy tracking and servicing of all your policies through LIC's official website. Follow these simple steps to enroll your policies.
Step 1: Create a username and password
You will have to create a username and password to enable you to login to Click here to reach the web site of LIC. In the screen you will see a login form. Click on the 'New user' link. The site will ask you to enter your policy number. Enter any one of your policy number and exact premium. The site will take your other details from the policy you entered. Select a user name and password in the subsequent screen and logon to the site using the created user name and password.
Step 2:Enrolling your policies
Click the enroll policies button. Give the correct number of policies to be enrolled in the beginning itself. Enter all the policies in the screen and click the 'Enroll your policies' link. You will get a list of your enrolled policies as a PDF document and take a print out of it.

Step 3: Validating the enrolled policies.
Send the duly signed document containing list of enrolled policies to a branch where at least one of your policies are being serviced. Validation will be done from the branch. After validation you will be able to track all your policies from the web site. Validation is not required for many operations like paying premium online, viewing policy details, seeing automatically generated premium calender etc.

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