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Friday, March 13, 2009

Jeevan saral - free plan presentation software and details

Jeevan Saral is a versatile insurance plan from Life Insurance Corporation of India with features of conventional plans and flexibility of unit linked plans.

It provides:
  • Higher insurance cover
  • Smooth returns
  • Flexibility and liquidity
You are provided the freedom to choose the premium you want to pay. Once premium is chosen Insurance coverage and the maturity benefit is derived from it.

Salient Features
  1. Maturity benefits : Maturity Sum Assured (MSA) + Loyalty additions
  2. Death benefit: 250 times of the basic monthly premium + Return of premium paid (excluding 1st year premium) + Loyalty additions.
  3. Loyalty addition: will be declared after the policy has been in full force for at least 10 years.
  4. Auto cover: If the policy is in force for more than three years, the risk coverage will continue for another 12 months even if the premiums are not paid in that period.
  5. Surrender charge: No surrender charge will be deducted from policies surrendered after 5 years.
  6. Partial surrender: is available after 3 years and provides a smooth return on your needs.
Download a free plan presentation software for Jeevan Saral by clicking the download link given below. Choose the save file link when asked and save it to the desired folder. Please choose enable macros on starting the software.If you find any problem in using the software probably the macro security level in your microsoft excel may be kept very high.Please lower the macro security level so that you can enable the macros. If you have any doubts please contact me.



  1. downloadable all types of proposal forms not available in lic site.
    syam sundar

  2. Good presentation. keep it up..
    Dev. Officer, LICI

  3. Appreciable in every aspect with details presented in a simple understable manner.

  4. damn neat.....the lic website should have this....

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  6. Sir,
    I can't open the file because of some 'macro'problems. Kindly help me.
    Dibakar Datta,
    Dev. Officer,

  7. It is a real time helping tool to the finance market which starts with the strong base of Indian Economy--- i.e. LIC

  8. facing small problem in opening the microsoft excel of jeevan saral, please help

  9. Wonderful Presentation.... thanks to you buddy

  10. Some are complaining about problems in opening the presentation. You can do this. Please go to the tools menu of your excel and then check the macro security level. If it is kept as high bring it down to medium. Close the application and restart it. It should work. There is no need of any password to use this software. Anish

  11. your software in excel so please send me a passward.

  12. Prashant said
    your software is so good please send me password

  13. Excellent software and anyone can make good presentation with help of this software. could you please send me password on my personal ID - .

    Help in this regards will be highly appreciated.

  14. very good...
    and kindly cooperate me
    bcoz i take agency last month

    with regards

  15. Nice presentation. I do have made one life insurance policy but this is not the one that I have bought. I am really impressed with the key features and benefits of this policy, so I am planning to make out this one for my father. Will it be a good option ?
    business interruption insurance

  16. found it simple and helpful.
    Thanks a lot

    i'm new lic agent, need premiun calculator as well as record maintenance software,if available,


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